What does a giant think about,
when he’s shut inside a volcano?
Can a queen fall in love with a bull?
How can a girl’s hair turn into snakes?

Myth is fantastical and universal,

myths have grown up among men in all times and all regions of the earth.
A host of strange, unreal, and sometimes terrifying images populate our dreams and fables.
In the Greek and Roman imagination, the Mediterranean was once a land of monsters, fantastical creatures that inhabited places and imaginations. Mutant men and women, ancient divinities with more than one body, monstrous beings that are half-human and half-animal.
Now you can explore this fantastic world using the “Mythological Monsters” App: you’ll enjoy playing and learning, discovering amazing individuals who will tell you their stories in person.

In “Mythological Monsters” you’ll be able to animate the men, gods and monstrous creatures yourself.

You’ll be the protagonist, or hero, experiencing unique sensations like that of exploring the Minotaur’s labyrinth or climbing back up from the underworld.
The stories are the result of careful research on the ancient Greek and Latin sources such as Ovid’s Metamorphoses.
The illustrations are primarily taken from ancient Greek vases and the original music recreates the sounds of ancient Greece.
The monsters move within the original settings of their myths, photographed as they are today: The beach of Scylla, the lake at Pergusa, Mount Etna, Mount Olympus, the Nile...

Mythological Monsters

Download on iPad/iPhone/Android

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